Inexplicable delay in approving body cameras for parking enforcement officers

As reported in the NewCanaanite, Parking Manager Stacey Miltenberg already had the support of the Parking Commission back in July to prepare a formal proposal requesting that the Board of Selectman purchase body cameras for the parking enforcement staff.

The request was hardly coming out of nowhere: funding for these cameras was approved three years ago following multiple incidents with aggressive and angry motorists, and the funding needed to purchase them now was already built into this year’s budget.

By all accounts, it appears that Miltenberg had pulled together a comprehensive, well-researched proposal. She consulted with the New Canaan Police Department on their experience with body cameras, and had prepared a presentation covering the fundamental use case, impacted personnel, up-front and ongoing costs, training, and implementation.

Yet for some reason, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan has twice removed this issue from Board of Selectman agendas, and when Miltenberg asked for details on the delay, he made vague references to “a lot of things going on” right now, saying he “just wants to give it a little more thought.”

What more is there to think about?