Sewer Fees: Not a simple issue, but one where best practices should guide us


In June, the Board of Finance voted to implement a new methodology for charging sewer fees following a months-long debate around whether or not nonprofits should be charged (they were), how exactly the various tiers and categories are applied to each family or organization subject to the fee (unclear), which town body actually had the authority to formally approve the change, and the confounding urgency to make this change out of nowhere.

As noted in the article below, I attended the final public meeting at which the new fee structure was proposed before the vote. My focus then, as now, is that New Canaan’s elected officials be thoughtful in how such changes are researched, communicated, and implemented. There are known best practices in use on this subject and many others, and a repeatable, transparent process that includes open evaluation of other methods (where appropriate) would go a long way toward restoring public trust.