It's Past Time for Cameras at Waveny


At the Parks & Recreation meeting this week, I was proud to speak in favor of installing security cameras at Waveny Park. I thank Hilary Ormond for mobilizing public action around this issue: first by posting an online petition that has been signed by over 1,400 times (and counting!) in just a few days, and then by providing her own powerful testimony at the Parks & Rec meeting.

As I noted in supporting her at that meeting, public administration and criminal justice research has shown that publicly installed cameras contribute to a measurable reduction in crime. As word spreads that certain places are under surveillance, they are identified as poor places to commit a crime.

Just knowing a camera is there — even if it’s not clear where that camera is placed — helps to reduce crime. It also increases the feeling of safety for individuals enjoying our public spaces. To me, the cameras proposed by Hilary are just common sense: not only as to reduce crime, but to increase a sense of well-being in our community.

A NewCanaanite article about the meeting is available below. But first: if you haven’t already signed the petition, do it now!