Working Together for New Canaan


Why I’m Running.


Communities benefit from responsive leadership, thoughtful policy, and strategic vision.

Why should New Canaan settle for anything less?

Craig donovan
democrat for first selectman


After 30 years on the front lines of municipal management, I am bringing my passion for public service home.

I am proud to stand for the position of First Selectman, and it is my great privilege to get to know my fellow New Canaanites as the campaign gathers momentum.

Emerson wrote that “our knowledge is the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds.” We have gotten used to politicians who talk at us, around us, or past us. I want to right-size that dynamic, which is why my campaign is centered around listening: to commuters and business owners; newcomers and lifelong residents; parents and college students, and more.

I come away from each of these conversations with a better understanding of the opportunities, concerns, and — in many cases — the creative solutions that members of our community are kind enough to share. If these interactions have taught me anything, it is that the people of New Canaan are our greatest resource.

community. prosperity. trust.

My priorities.


Good governance doesn’t happen by accident. For a town with as much history as New Canaan, many of our governmental processes and procedures seem to be either informal or lacking altogether. As First Selectman, I will replace our current system of ad hoc decision-making with one built on open, collaborative leadership.

Collaboration uncovers common values, forging a cohesive vision of what a successful New Canaan might look like 30+ years from now. Collaboration leverages local expertise and ingenuity, informing the comprehensive planning crucial to realizing our long-term goals. Collaboration ensures transparency and oversight, fostering a culture of accountability in which residents can measure the performance of town leaders against agreed-upon standards and procedures.

In other words, New Canaan needs a master plan. Why?

  1. To maximize operational efficiencies so our time and money is spent more wisely.

  2. To foster a coherent town strategy and identity.

  3. To hold elected officials accountable according to a clear set of standards and expectations.

We need leadership that can address the challenges of the moment and lay the groundwork for long-term success. My priorities as First Selectman are to resolve the issues facing our community at present, while developing plans that will enable New Canaan to benefit from opportunities that lie 10, 20, or 30 years in the future.

Your priorities are my priorities, and my ongoing dialogue with people across New Canaan has helped shape my platform. I have organized my positions, proposals, and research on these key issues into the three themes below, which you can access by clicking the accompanying photos. Please check back regularly for additional content and interactive features — I welcome your feedback and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Click the pictures below for more information on my platform.


Family & Community

Growth & Prosperity

Transparency & Trust